Digital Media Marketing Excellence

  • For Students
  • For Professionals
  • For Entrepreneurs

We understand that educational universities today have a are Precise and Elaborate, however do they make the students industry ready ? Being a party of the Industry, we provide insight and present trends in our syllabus which will enable the students to become industry ready in par with present day trends and standards.

  • Engineering Students will learn from the basis about latest industry standards and trends in technology.
  • Marketing Students will get a insight about the fast moving Digital Media Marketing.
  • Students with Entrepreneurial Skill Sets will become ready to pursue their dreams independently.
  • After our Program if a student enrolls and clears the Google Certification Program the opportunities are unlimited for the students.
  • Live Practice Portal gives the student a hands on real work experience.

Competition is the name of the game today. If you think Entrepreneurs and Students are the only one competing then ask the Professionals working in various industries. The game changer for promotions and better increments is to get better certifications and credentials to your resume. This is where we come into the picture.

  • Get certified : Like other Training Programs we do not offer you our own certification but we train you get ready for accredited and certifications like the Google Program.
  • Get your basics right : We teach you the latest trends and in-market tools so can showcase yourself as a seasoned professional at work place and in interviews.
  • Increase work efficiency : There are various tools we teach you which can easy your daily operations in your job and hence increase your efficiency over your competitors.

Being Entrepreneurs ourselves we understand how difficult and challenging the life of a Entrepreneur can be. Our custom designed Program for Entrepreneurs not only gives you the knowledge about Technology, Online Marketing and Digital Correct Measures but also exposes you to various communities like TiE, FICCI, NAR etc.

  • Entrepreneurs will better learn to evaluate the performance of their online presence after going through our program thus avoid false and misleading campaigns and vendors.
  • Entrepreneurs with a little zeal for technology can learn and master the free online tools to take their business online and to new heights.
  • Various reporting tools will make sure Entrepreneurs have an effective budgeting system for their business.
  • Reaching new customers and locations is at the snap of your fingers through online Digital Media Marketing