About us

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Learn Google is first of its kind Training Program which focuses on the 4 ″ M” of the Web i.e. to “Make”, “Manage”, “Market” the Products Online and Introduction to Mobile (Android) and in the process introduces you to the globally recognized Google Certification Program.

There are various institutions which train specifically for this Certification, but we go one step ahead and begin our Training from the basics and proceed on to the advanced levels, so that our Trainees get the complete learning about the web.

Our Training starts from basic knowledge of Registering a Domain, Methods to Making Free Websites, Analyzing the Performance of the Web, Creating Customized Ads on Google, Facebook, Social Media Strategy, E-Commerce etc.

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Training Syllabus

The Learn Google Training Syllabus is divided into 4 segments (4M) and in total these 4 segments cover 60 topics.

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Who Should Attend ?

Are you a Student? a Professional? an Entrepreneur? a Photographer? a Reporter? for each of the specific category the advantages are :

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